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10 million from Aurora and its customers to buy equipment for the Ukrainian Defence Forces EOD specialists

Aurora customers donated for equipment and vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine within the Save the Future Now charity project that was completed in October 2023. They received symbolic gifts for their donations – a collector’s tube with liberated Kherson lids or a magnet made from these lids.

A significant amount was raised from August to October. Aurora supplemented each donation with its own funds. A total of UAH 10 million was transferred to the Come Back Alive Foundation.

The Foundation purchased and handed over to the EOD specialists of the 250th Engineering Support Centre from Nizhyn: 

  • 10 new Mitsubishi L200 pickups with additional sets of winter tyres;
  • 10 kits for remote EOD;
  • 10 metal detectors;
  • 30 personal and 10 group mine clearance kits;
  • 90 mine clearance specialist’s kits worn on hip;
  • 30 probes;
  • 10 ohmmeters;
  • 10 Autel EVO Nano+ copters;
  • 20 wire bundles.


This is a significant contribution to the protection of Ukraine and its every citizen. After all, Ukraine is the most heavily mined country in the world. It will take years to resolve this issue, so we need to start clearing our land of enemy explosive ordnance now.

We are grateful to everyone who joined our charity project and emphasise that strength is only in unity!